Training Services

Training Services

We at SEC64 realize the need ensure that our clients and Information Security Practitioners are abreast with the latest standards, methodologies and products in the industry. Hence we at SEC64  design and offer a variety of courses imparting some of the best industry practices.

Our Information Security courses cater to a set of specialist courses which have been ideally formulated for Information Security Professionals and Law Enforcement Officers. The courses are taught by practicing professionals who have enriched themselves with extensive hands-on field experience. The benchmarks we set for curriculum and delivery method is constantly updated with feedback received from our students, clients and practitioners. We also hold the distinction of being one of the very few handpicked training providers for couple of Vendors.

We also are very much adaptive to your unique needs and also offer customized tailor made courses catering to your requirements. Wherever applicable we map our customized training programs to certifications and for our vendor oriented training programs we ensure that our students are well equipped to obtain the vendor certification.

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