Frequently Asked Questions

Scroll down to see a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the SEC64 and it's services.

What is SEC64?

SEC64 is an organization leading in providing the best cyber security, penetration testing services and application development services in order to securely develop your business.

What is security penetration testing?

A penetration test is a type of security test performed to identify the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited. It is different from vulnerability scan which needs human interaction to discover security flaws that automated scanners often miss.

Why do we need Penetration Test or Security Audit?

Penetration Test is an important task performed to point out all the minor and major security vulnerabilities and make sure that the data of the users is secured in the application which includes sensitive information. It is also performed to detect viruses, spywares, malwares, backdoors. After installing or upgrading the system or changing in the application's code you must need to test it from a hacker's viewpoint.

Can a Penetration Testing harm my system?

No, It is designed to mitigate data loss, malicious attacks, data breaches, business risks. In cases where exploiting the security vulnerability possess a risk to the application or system, we will file the vulnerability and report it to the client, but will not go for the exploit unless our client asks us to do so.

How long it takes to perform a penetration test?

Penetration Testing depends on the type of pentesting, including the numbers of applications, and running environment. Usually penetration testing takes approx 10-20 days.

How long does it take to develop a web application?

It depends on the several parameters that affect how long does a web application would need for its development process. The important factors being fantasy that drives the app then come the formats, features, functionalities, options, user interface that needs to be concidered.

How secured are the developed applications?

As we have many security professionals in our SEC64 family, who will implement rock-solid security defences while development of your application to protect your application against various attacks and hacking.

How can I share my unique app idea to you?

At SEC64, we do sign NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) to make you sure that your idea is secured and will not spread anywhere else except the developing team.