About Us

About SEC64

We at SEC64 specialize specifically in Information Security Professional Services. Our core business mission is to guide our client's Information Security practice to a state of perfection, enabling them to be ahead of the curve.

We believe that security doesn’t stop with the deployment of security devices but rather it is the man behind the machine or the engineering behind the deployment which can a make the difference between ensuring your business remains secure or uncompromised. From our experience, the Information Security controls implemented are far less aligned with the unique business requirements of individual organizations. Hence we at SEC64  with our guiding principles align the security requirements to suit your business by defining the controls and practices to achieve an ideal state of security.

Serving as a dedicated Information Security Professional Services organization we remain vendor agnostic and when the situation demands we also advocate Open Source Technology. Our core competencies are dictated by our zest for efficient and robust Information Security Professional Services rather than being led by a set of defined vendors.